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Pablo Garcia


Pablo is a Test specialist that has worked in many different fields of QA and IT.

He has worked in various assignments with both Agile and traditional methodologies mainly in the roles Tester, Test Lead, Test Manager, Senior Test manager, Test strategist and Head of QA.

Pablo has vast experience in various development projects, maintenance projects and acceptance test with the view from the customer and fullfilling regulations from authorities.

He works often with procurement organizations writing Quality Requirements.

He has a passion for Quality at all levels, he is always prepared to do testing himself as well as test management with the goal of creating a environment where releases are drama-free and that the value of the system are implemented early with low maintenance costs.

Pablo is offently seen as a speaker at international conferences where metrics is one of his favourite topics.

He has a member of the board of SAST for 10 years and is the founder of SIGIST Sweden.

Pablo Garcia

Pablo Garcia


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